Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lost & Found playlist for 10/29/15

Intro: "Cozy's Mambo" - Cozy Cole

Background music for the show: St. Germain - Tourist

The Brothers Johnson - "Potted Shrimp"
Big Daddy Rogers - "I'm a Big Man"
Frank Frost - "My Back Scratcher"
Pinnochio James - "Mama Don't Love Me No More"
T-Bone Walker - "Evil Hearted Woman"

Candy MacKenzie & the Upsetters - "Long Enough"
Jackie Mittoo - "Night in Ethiopia"
The Equals - "Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys"
Wayne McGee & the Sounds of Joy - "Woman Be Good"
Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles - "What Kind of Heart"

George Jackson - "Talking About the Love I Have for You"
Muddy Waters - "Going Back to Memphis"
Eugene Knox - "My Carmelita"
Bill Withers - "Who Is He (And What Is He to You?)"
Tony Joe White - "Save Your Sugar for Me"

The Fixin'-To-Die Rag: Bobby Jameson - "Viet Nam"

Bethea the Masked Man & the Agents - "One Eye Open"
Otis Redding - "Scratch My Back"
Tony Baxter - "What Is Taking So Long?"
Bobby 'Blue' Bland - "You're the One (That I Adore)"

The Swingingest Tune: Boogaloo Joe Jones - "Right On!" [Single Version]

Josh White - "Evil Hearted Man"
The Kinks - "Til Death Us Do Part"
Wynonie Harris - "Drinkin' By Myself"
Jonah Thompson - "Get Involved"

Simon White's Little Richard Lost & Found: "My Wheels Been Slippin' All the Way"

Eddie Holland - "Day Dreamer"
Joe Tex - "You Keep Her"
Rufus Hunter - "Clean with Your Dirty Work"
Emma Donovan & the PutBacks - "Voodoo"

Fontella Bass - "I Want Everyone to Know"
Betty Everett - "Your Love Is Important to Me"
Bennie Conn - "I Don't Have"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers