Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Late Riser's Club. A fill-in on 3/28/13

The Sex Execs - "My Ex"
Mudhoney - "I Like It Small"*
The Incredible Kidda Band - "She's a 50"*
The Barreracudas - "Nasty Boots"*
Palma Violets - "Tom the Drum"*

Heavy Times - "Lantern Trail"*
Soviet Valves - "Zip"*
Johnny Angel Wendell - "My Lesbian Friend"*
Terry Malts - "Over 21"*
The Allah Las - "Long Journey"

The Deadbeats - "State of Shock"*
Connections - "Jeni + Johnny"*
Pissed Jeans - "Vain in Costume"*
The Dark - "Underwater Road"
The Replacements - "Left of the Dial"

Cy Dune - "Where the Wild Things Are"*
The Virgin Mary's - "Dead Man's Shoes"*
Suns of Guns - "Ralph E. Static"*
Dead Ghosts - "I Sleep Alone"*
The Gaggers - "Razor Scars (On My Heart)"*

Village Pistols - "Big Money"*
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - "I Wear Black"*

11:15 Song of the Day: Foreigner - "Urgent" from Foreigner 4

The Cartoons - "Who Cares"*
Bikini Gorge - "Make Up Your Mind"*

The Black Angels - "Twisted Light"*
Pedal Jets - "Terra Nova"*
Act Rights - "Opossum's Head"*
Adam Widener - "Gimme Gimme Scientific Stuff"*
The Four Slicks - "Rollin' Pin Mim"*

Lydia Lunch - "Ran Away Dark"*
The German Measles - "In the Soup"*
The Swingin' Utters - "Poorly Formed"*

* = new, new, new, new music.