Thursday, February 14, 2013

Charles Bradley returns!

The Screaming Eagle of Soul
There are very few soul survivors as inspiring as Charles Bradley. He finally found success in his 60s and is on the verge of releasing his 2nd album, Victim of Love, on April 2nd. How inspiring you ask? Well check out the trailer of the documentary a filmmaker made about him:

His website is here.

If you listen to the show and live in the Cambridge/Boston area, you can see him live on May 18th at Paradise Rock Club. Here's how you get tickets. (Yes, Ticketmaster sucks.)

Here is a one sheet from his promoter with all kindsa information you might be interested in.

If I am able to get an advance copy from the label I will, of course, spin it for the regular Thursday Lost & Found listeners but as of right now all I have is the single to spin. Wah, wah.

See you next Thursday.