Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A triumphant return to radio! Thursday, May 3.

I have come back from my trip abroad loaded with new music. First let me thank Dave Smits, Joe Freehling, Bob Dubrow, and Chuck Rosina for making my life easier that last 4 weeks. Dave and Joe were generous airtime pledgers who each did fantastic shows. Bob and Chuck covered for me while I was in London and Hamburg and I am grateful to both of them for taking the time from their own lives to cover the spots.

In London, I went to half a dozen shops including:

Soul Brother Records
Sounds of the Universe
Sister Ray
Honest Jon's

In Hamburg, I went to only two but they are two of the best shops in the world:

Cool & Crazy Records
Groove City

I am including links to all the above shops save for HMV which I am sure you can find on your own. Click on the name of the store to go to their website. They are all awesome and the treats I found will soon grace your ears.

While in Europe I was lucky enough to be there for Record Store Day where it turns out they had totally different stuff than what came out over here...I think. In any case, I have a killer Clarence Carter 45 for you on Thursday as well as some rare Fame stuff plus any number of 50+ pieces of music I lugged back from London and Hamburg.

One final thing, if you are ever looking for a cosmopolitan, culturally vibrant, stimulating city with just enough sass to have a red light district even the old people go to as well as one of the best music scenes in Europe, give Hamburg a chance. It is amazing. This is the Inner Alster...or downtown as we would call it. All just a short 1 hour, 10 minute flight from London.

See you Thursday.