Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lost & Found playlist for 1/27/11

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Background music for the show: Tommy Guerrero - Lifeboats and Follies

Inez and Charlie Foxx - "Baby Drop a Dime"
Lord Luther - "My Mistake"
Bobby Patterson - "Then You'll Know"
Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces - "I'll Never Trust Love Anymore"
Mary Gresham - "Get Back on the Right Track"

Redbone - "Someday (A Good Song)"
Bessie Banks - "It Sounds Like My Baby"
Eddie & Ernie - "That's the Way It Is"
The Lovejoys - "Payin' (For the Wrong I've Done)"
Van & Titus - "Cry Baby Cry"

The Johnny Otis Show - "Willie and the Hand Jive"
Darondo - "Let My People Go"
Syl Johnson - "Fox Hunting on the Weekend"
Lee Rogers - "I Want You to Have Everything"
Black Haze Express - "Pretty Soon"

Leftcoast Leftovers from the Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man, Patrick Bryant: Kool & the Gang - "Heaven at Once"

Patti Labelle & the Blue Belles - "You Will Fill My Eyes No More"

The Blues Cellar:
Jack Kelly - "Joe Louis Blues"
Jesse Thomas - "Gonna Move to California"
Christine Chatman - "The Boogie Woogie Girl"
Earl Hooker - "Sweet Angel"
Pee Wee Hughes - "I'm a Country Boy"
Gene Redding - "Blood Brothers"
Gene Chandler - "Think Nothing About It"
Mill Evans - "Why, Why, Why"
Lynn Varnado - "Wash and Wear Love"
James Duncan - "All Goodbyes Ain't Gone"

The Otis Redding Song of the Week: Otis Redding - "Open the Door" B-side of the 1968 Volt Single "Happy Song"

The Expressions - "You Better Know It"
The Millionaires - "And the Rains Came"
The King Pins - "I Won't Have It"
Timmy Wilson - "(Hey Girl) Do You Love Me"
Salt & Pepper - "A MAn of My Word"

Outro: " Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lost & Found playlist for 1/20/11

Intro: "Jambo" - Claude McLin

Background music for the show: V/A - !A Gozar! Latin Grooves on Blue Note

Tim Hardin - "Never Too Far"
Colin Blunstone - "I Want Some More"
Jim Ford - "Sweet Baby Mine (You Just a...)"
Nazz - "Not Wrong Long"
The Ecentrics - "What Can I Do, What Can I Say"

**New Feature on the Thursday L&F**

Left Coast Leftovers from the Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man, Patrick Bryant - John & Beverley Martyn - "John the Baptist"

Rodriguez - "I Think of You"
Amon Duul II - "Archangel Thunderbird"
Donald Thomas - "Calling Me Home"
The Chevelle V - "Dangling Little Friend"

The Doors - "In the Eye of the Sun"
Charlie Feathers - "Jungle Fever"
The Byrds - "The Christian Life"
Gram Parsons - "I Just Can't Take It Anymore"
Bob Dylan - "Tonight I'll Be Staying Home with You"

Lou Reed - "I Can't Stand It"
The Shadows of Knight - "Bad Little Woman"
The Dolphins - "I Should Have Stayed"
Jorgen Ingmann - "Eco Boogie"
Slade - "My Life is Natural"

The Shangri-Las - "Right Now and Not Later"
David Allen & the Arrows - "The Unknown Rider"
The Attack - "Try It"
Hopi & the Beau Heems - "I Missed My Cloud"
Stained Glass - "Lady in Lace"

Python Lee Jackson - "Doin' Fine"
Cockney Rebel - "Another Journey"
Alex Chilton - "The Happy Song"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

Lost & Found playlist for 1/13/11

The voices and music of Vietnam

Intro: "Jambo" - Claude McLin

Background music for the show: Percy Faith - Greatest Hits

Spoken word: U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, Henry Cabot Lodge: "Sensational Results" (1966)

Marvin Gaye - "Soldier's Plea"
William Bell - "Marching Off to War"
J.B Lenoir - "Vietnam"

Spoken word: Senator Eugene McCarthy speaks on Vietnam (January, 1968)

Jimmy Hughes - "Uncle Sam"
The Prophets - "Fighting for Sam"

Johnny Cash - "Singing in the Vietnam Talking Blues"
Bill Moss & the Celestials - "Welcome the Boys Home"

Spoken word: President Nixon announces "Cambodian Incursion" (April 30, 1970)

The Southern Bells - "Viet Nam"

Spoken word: Arthur Krause, Kent State father: "Is this a reason for killing her...?"

The Beach Boys - "Student Demonstration Time"

Spoken word: Hanoi Hannah News Broadcast Exerpt (1966)

Roger McGuinn - "Hanoi Hannah"

Johnny Wright - "Hello Vietnam"

Spoken word: Gen. Westmoreland: "Militarily we have never been in a been in a better relative position in South Vietnam" (1968)

Spoken word: PSA by Merv Griffin regarding upcoming 1968 elections.

Little Kathy Hoffman - "Kathy's Letter"
John Lee Hooker - "I Gotta Go to Vietnam"

Donovan - "To Susan on the West Coast Waiting"

John Prine - "Sam Stone"

Spoken word: John Laurence, CBS News, interviews a G.I. about "suicide walk." (1970)

Jan Berry - "The Universal Coward"
Glen Campbell - "Galveston"
Jimmy Cliff - "Viet Nam"

Spoken word: President Nixon sets out his "Vietnamization" policy. (November 3, 1969)

Martha & the Vandellas - "I Should Be Proud"
The O'Jays - "There's Someone (Waiting Back Home)"

Spoken word: Bob Hope introduces Honey, Ltd. while on tour in Vietnam. (December 1968)

Honey, Ltd. - "The Warrior"

Spoken word: David McReynolds explains why he burned his draft card. (November 6, 1965)

Steppenwolf - "Draft Resister"
Hugh X. Lewis - "War Is Hell"
Bill Ellis - "Freedom Bird"

Spoken word: President Nixon: "I call on Hanoi to release all POWs..." (1971)

David L. Cash - "We Are Glad That Our Boys Are Coming Home"

Spoken word: President Nixon: "Peace with honor in Vietnam" (January 23, 1973)

The Nu Page - "When the Brothers Come Marching Home"
Tom Paxton - "Born on the Fourth of July"

Spoken word: John Laurence, CBS News: "A cease fire has come..." (January 27, 2973)

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Timmy Thomas - "You're the Song I've Always Wanted to Sing"

Lost & Found playlist for 1/6/11

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Background music for the show: Dave Brubeck - Love Songs

Aaron Neville - "You Can Give But You Can't Take"
Eddie & Ernie - "Indication"
David Ruffin - "Your Heartaches I Can Surely Heal"
The Emperors - "Karate"
Nolan Porter - "If I Could Only Be Sure"

Timmy Thomas - "You're the Song I've Always Wanted to Sing"
Marvin Gaye - "It's a Desperate Situation"
Clarence Carter - "Patches"
Baby Lloyd - "I Need Love"
Oscar Mack - "Put Out the Fire (Let Me Go)"

The Ovations - "Let's Stick Together"
Ollie Nightingale - "I'll Take Care of You"
Baby Washington - "Work Out"
Aretha Franklin - "Trouble in Mind"
Little Richard - "I Don't Know What You've Got"

The Blues Cellar:

Jimmy Reed - "Pretty Thing"
Memphis Slim - "If the Rabbit Had a Gun"
Big Joe Turner - "I'm Still in the Dark"
Fenton Robinson - "As the Years Go Passing By"
Etta James - "Tell Mama"

Jim Jackson - "Welcome Me Home"
Brooks O'Dell - "The Heartless One"
Tommy & Eddie - "I Love My Baby"
Shirley Wahls - "That's How Long (I'm Gonna Love You"
Eli "Paperboy" Reed & the True Loves - "Come and Get It"

The Otis Redding Song of the Week: Otis Redding - "I'm a Changed Man" from Love Man

Curley Moore - "Soul Train"
Lee Calvin - "Cross My Heart"
Bernie Williams - "Ever Again"
The Objectives - "Oh My Love (Come Back to Me)"

Wilson Pickett - "I'm Sorry About That"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The  Clangers