Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey, let's put on Christopher...

I think I'd pick to be a copy of Memphis Unlimited! Have your ashes turned into a vinyl LP.

New Orleans playlist coming shortly.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Looking for something to do on Wednesday night?

Don't forget about this.


Lost & Found playlist for 8/19/10

Intro: "Rock and Roll Show" - Ray Ellsworth

The Rolling Stones - "Let It Loose"
Honeybus - "Delighted to See You"
Big Star - "Psychedelic Stuff"
The J. Geils Band - "Monkey Island"
Darrell Glenn - "Hoo Doo the Voo Doo"

Be-Bop Deluxe - "Maid in Heaven"
Parish Hall - "We're Gonna Burn Together"
Todd Rundgren - "Who's That Man?"
Xit - "I Was Raised"
The Fishman - "The Thunder Bolts"

Hermanos Huesca - "La Bamba"
McGuinness Flint - "Friends of Mine"
The Velvet Underground - "After Hours"
Velvet Opera - "Black Jack Davy"
Frijid Pink - "Sailor"

Talking Heads - "Oh-oh, Love Comes to Town"
The Kinks - "Alcohol"
The Easybeats - "Mandy"
The Ingoes - "I Don't Want You"
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - "The Interpreter"

Warren Zevon - "The French Inhaler"
Mott the Hoople - "Original Mixed-Up Kid"
Unicorn - "Electric Night"
Goose Creek Symphony - "Plans of the Lord"
Henry McCullough - "Mind Your Own Business!"

The Nerves - "One Way Ticket"
The Rubinoos - "Leave My Heart Alone"
Freddie & the Freeloaders - "Patty"
Gulliver - "Everyday's a Lovely Day"
Stranger - "Hey, Mr. Lonely Man"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lost & Found playlist for 8/12/10

With guest DJ Max Duggan.

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Howlin' Wolf - "Spoonful"
Los Guerrilleros - "Ay Che Camino"
George Washington Phillips - "What Are They Doin' In Heaven Today?"
Los Bravos - "Rudy's In Love"
Lazy Smoke - "Sarah Saturday"

Owen Gray - "Give Me Little Sign"
The Summer Sounds - "The Leaves Are Turning Brown"
Donovan Careless - "Be Thankful"
Aluminum Dream - "Strangers Calling"
Byron Lee & the Dragonaires - "The Law"

Flat Earth Society - "Midnight Hour"
Count Lasher & Lynn Taitt w/ Baba Brooks Band - "Hooligans"
Richard John Smith - "Baby's Got Another" (Extended Club Mix)
Ray Camacho & the Tear Drops - "Si Si Puede"
Inner Life - "I Like It Like That"

Guy Pedersen - "We Love You"
Boscoe - "Money Won't Save You"
Phil Upchurch - "Voodoo Chile"
Brute Force - "Do It Right Now"
Billy Ball & the Upsetters - "Tighten Up Tighter"
Billie Holiday - "Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do"

Earl St. Joseph - "Eastern Promise"
Anita O'Day & Cal Tjader - "Peel Me a Grape"
Ray Richards - "Death Rides a Horse"
Shirley Bassey - "You and I"
Dave Pike Set - "Spooky"
Karmello Brooks - "Tell Me Baby"

Los Mirlos - "Sonido Amazonico"
Barbara Mason - "Keep Him"
Bill Doggett - "The Worm"
The Fascinations - "The Girls Are Out to Get You"
Brother Dan's All Stars - "Eastern Organ"
Bunker Hill - "The Girl Can't Dance"

The Peace - "I Need Mercy"

A great show and some great taste displayed by the 19-year old...thanks, Max!

Friday, August 06, 2010

This and that...

R.I.P. Bobby Hebb, July 26, 1938 - August 3, 2010
As promised, here is the Los Angeles Times obituary for Bobby Hebb. Plus, here you can find his fan club and here you can see his entire discography.


The schedule for the Thursday Lost & Found for the next three weeks is as follows:

8/12/10: Special guest DJ, Max Duggan

8/19/10: Rock and roll Thursday

8/26/10: A 2 hour special focusing on New Orleans as we remember Hurricane Katrina 5 years on.


I will be doing a fill in on the Late Riser's Club on 8/20/10 so feel free to tune in and have you face melted off.


If you'd like to contribute to the New Orleans show, please don't hesitate to contact me at thursday dot lostandfound at gmail dot com (remove the spaces and replace dot & at).

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Lost & Found playlist for 8/5/10

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Rhythm Section

Background music for the show: Terry Snyder & the All Stars - Persuasive Percussion: Bachelor Pad Music

Louis Howard - "Coming Home"
Eddie Ray - "Glad I Found You"
The Flamingos - "Someday Someway"
The Marigolds - "Rollin' Stone"
Bobby Hebb - "Sunny"

Dyke & the Blazers - "Let a Woman Be a Woman, Let a Man Be a Man"
Harold Burrage - "I'm In Love"
Ann Alford - "If It Ain't One Thing (It's Another)"
Aaron Neville - "Jailhouse"
Marie "Queenie" Lyons - "I Don't Want Nobody to Have It But You"

Found Song of the Week: The Snuggs - "Strugglin'"

Jeanne & the Darlings - "How Can You Mistreat the One You Love"
Willie & the Mighty Magnificents - "Toe Jam"
Ike & Tina Turner - "What Do You Think I Am"
Erma Franklin - "Change My Thoughts For You"

Marvin Gaye - "I Can't Help It (I Love You)"
Eddie & Ernie - "Reaching Out"
The Falcons - "That's What I Aim to Do"

The Blues Cellar:

Koko Taylor - "Trying to Make a Living"
Blind Willie McTell - "The Razor Ball"
Muddy Waters - "(My Eyes) Keep Me in Trouble"
The Fieldstones - "I'm In Trouble"
Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton - "Tarzan and the Signified Monkey"

Jackie Opel - "Cry Me a River"
Unique Blend - "Yes, I'm In Love"
Billy Keen - "I Finally Got Wise"
"Originals" of Sight and Sound - "Long Boots"
The Antellects - "Love Slave"

Otis Redding Song of the Week: "Let Me Come On Home"
Little Ann - "What Should I Do"
Bobby Hebb - "I Feel So Good"
Reuben Bell w/ the Belltones - "Another Day Lost"
Betty Padgett - "Tonight Is the Night"

Luther Ingram - "Oh Baby Don't You Weep"
O.V. Wright - "To You I Shall Cling"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers