Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lost & Found playlist for 9/3/09

Intro: "Rock and Roll Show" - Ray Ellsworth

Background music for the show: Chris Joss - Sticks

Big Star - "Sepember Gurls"
White Witch - "Walk On"
The Rockets - "Hole in My Pocket"
The Dragons - "Food for My Soul"
EasyChair* - "Black & White"

McGuiness Flint - "Friends of Mine"
Hall & Oates - "When the Morning Comes"
Todd Rundgren - "Izzat Love?"
The Love Affair - "Back in Your Life Again"
Warren Zevon - "Excitable Boy"

Found Song of the Week: The Dutchess & The Duke - "Back to Me"
Kris Kristofferson - "Blame It on the Stones"
The Rolling Stones - "Time Waits for No One"
Dennis Wilson - "Wild Situation"
Van Duren - "Chemical Fire"

Missus Beastly - "Decision"

The Blues Cellar:
Otis Spann - "I'm a Dues Payin' Man"
Junior Wells - "Snatch It Back and Hold It"
Mathew "Hogman" Maxley - "Stagolee"
Arbee Stidham - "Let Me Love You"
Muddy Waters - "'Unk' in Funk"

The Fireman - "Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight"
The Monks - "There She Walks"
Los Saicos - "Come On"
Giles, Giles, & Fripp - "She Is Loaded"
The Zombies - "Care of Cell 44"

The Kinks - "Schooldays"
Don Nix - "Amos Burke"
Tony Joe White - "Don't Steal My Love"
Mott the Hoople - "Original Mixed-Up Kid"
Goose Creek Symphony - "The Gospel"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

* Thanks to a listener for pointing out that this Easy Chair is not the Pacific Northwest band Easy Chair. Nor is it the other Pacific Northwest band Easy Chair. This Easy Chair, in fact, a band from Wisconsin who are still together and still making music. Kudos to Easy Chair for making onto a show about 60's and 70's rock. I can't imagine how I got confused?!?