Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lost & Found playlist for 9/24/09

Intro: "Rock and Roll Show" - Ray Ellsworth

Background music for the show: Clark Terry Quintet - Serenade to a Bus Seat

Jake Holmes - "How Are You"
Honeybus - "She's Out There"
The Hollies - "You Need Love"
The Action - "Come Around"
The Scramblers - "250 Scrambler"

Todd Rundgren - "Long Flowing Dress"
Top Drawer - "Time Passes Too Quickly"
The Barbarians - "Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?"
The Box Tops - "Since I've Been Gone"
The Kinks - "Waterloo Sunset"

Clean Living - "In Heaven There Is No Beer"
Poco - "Pickin' Up the Pieces"
Godz - "May You Never Be Alone"
The Flatlanders - "Going Away"
Henry Flynt & the Insurrections - "Goodbye Wall St."

Velvet Night - "Velvet Night"
Under Milkwood - "Sandwiches Rock 'n' Roll"

The Blues Cellar:
Lightnin' Slim - "Good Morning Heartaches"
Sam Lay - "Cryin' for My Baby"
J.D. Short - "Too Much Wine"
Lightnin' Hopkins - "Open Up the Door"
Silas Hogan - "Airport Blues"

Bruce Springsteen - "Adam Raised a Cain"
George Harrison - "Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)"
Van Morrison - "He Ain't Give You Noon"
The Uniques - "Not Too Long Ago"
Silver Metre - "Now They've Found Me (Ballad of a Well Known Gun)"

Mott the Hoople - "Honaloochie Boogie"
Morning Dew - "Crusader's Smile"
Space Opera - "Blue Ridge Mountains"
Audience - "Waverley Stage Coach"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lost & Found playlist for 9/17/09

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Background music for the show: Kenny Burrell - Bluesy Burrell

Israel Tolbert - "Darling I Love You"
Johnny Newbag - "Sweet Thing"
Tommy Ridgley - "In the Same Old Way"
L.T. & the Soulful Dynamics - "Everybody Needs Somebody"
Maggie Bell - "After Midnight"

The Blue Notes - "Sweetheart from Venezuela"
Sam Cooke - "Teenage Sonata"
The Manigault Specials - "Be What You Are"
Linda Lyndell - "Bring Your Love Back to Me"
Ray Gant & the Arabian Knights - "I Need a True Love"

Wilson Pickett - "Give Your Lovin' Right Now"
Lee Moses - "Bad Girl, Pt. 2"
Spencer Wiggins - "I'm a Poor Man's Son"
Bobby Womack - "Looking for a Love"
Swamp Dogg - "There Ain't Enough Love"

Don Hollinger - "Let Him Go"
Tony Borders - "You Better Believe It"
Essau Isaacs - "Baby Man"
Paul Smith - "I'll Run"

The Good Time Gospel Set:
Clarence Fountain - "Sending Up My Timber"
The Expressions of Faith - "Forgive Me Lord"
The Gospel Keynotes - "Jesus You've Been Good To Me"
Tommy Ellison & the Five Singing Stars - "Been In the Storm Too Long"
Mahalia Jackson - "Walk Over God's Heaven"

Rosco Gordon - "Just a Little Bit"
Prince Ella & Sidney Jones - "Baby Sugar I Love You"
The Snapshots - "I Need You"
Commands - "No Time for You"
The Shangri-Las - "Out in the Street"

El Anthony - "We've Been in Love Too Long"
Otis Redding - "Pounds and Hundreds"
The Soul Believers w/ the Dapps - "I Don't Want Nobody's Troubles"
Jackie Wilson - "(My Love Is) Growing Tall"
Leon Peterson - "Now You're On Your Own"

Ella Keys - "What Have You Got to Offer Me"
Arthur Conley - "Take Me (Just As I Am)"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Annex.

Yeah, I don't really know what it is supposed to be either but I will be filling in on the Annex on Friday from 4 - 5:30. Real. Good. Music.

See you then.


Lost & Found playlist for 9/10/09

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Background music for the show: Paul Desmond & Gerry Mulligan - Two of a Kind

Tommy Hunt - "Never Love a Robin"
Aaron Neville - "You Don't Love Me Anymore"
Lee Brackett - "Save a Foolish Man"
The Enjoyables - "Shame"
Henry Lumpkin - "I've Got a Notion"

Arlean Brown - "I'm a Streaker Baby"
The Jive Five - "Crying Like a Baby"
Spencer Wiggins - "Lonely Man"
Andre Williams & the Lancers - "Black Bull"
The Chips - "Rubber Bisquit"
Bethea the Masked Man & the Agents - "I Wouldn't Come Back"

Marvin Gaye - "A Desperate Situation"
The Drifters - "When My Little Girl is Smiling"
Syl Johnson - "Dresses Too Short"
Doris Duke - "I Don't Know How (To Fall Out of Love With You)"
Arthur Conley - "I'm Gonna Forget About You"

Jimmy Ruffin - "Don't Feel Sorry for Me"
King Curtis - "But It's Alright"
Don Hart & James Shorter - "It's In My Mind"
Baby Charles - "This Time"
Lee Fields - "Love Comes and Goes"

Ricky Allen - "No Better Time Than Now"
Jerry Williams, Jr. - "Run Run Roadrunner"
The Unemployed - "They Won't Let Me"
The Platters - "Sweet Sweet Lovin'"
Bobby Cook & the Explosions - "Untitled Jam"

Delroy Wilson - "Find Yourself Another Girl"
The Dells - "Run for Cover"
Al Green - "Get Yourself Together"
Moses Smith - "The Girl Across the Street"
Otis Smith - "Baby, I Love You"

Darrell Banks - "I'm Gonna Hang My Head and Cry"
Barbara Lynn - "This Is the Thanks I Get"
George McGregor & the Bronzettes - "Temptation Is So Hard to Fight"
Eddie Daye & the 4 Bars - "What Am I Gonna Do?"
Jimmy Jules - "Just One More Time"

Lady Margo - "This Is My Prayer"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lost & Found playlist for 9/3/09

Intro: "Rock and Roll Show" - Ray Ellsworth

Background music for the show: Chris Joss - Sticks

Big Star - "Sepember Gurls"
White Witch - "Walk On"
The Rockets - "Hole in My Pocket"
The Dragons - "Food for My Soul"
EasyChair* - "Black & White"

McGuiness Flint - "Friends of Mine"
Hall & Oates - "When the Morning Comes"
Todd Rundgren - "Izzat Love?"
The Love Affair - "Back in Your Life Again"
Warren Zevon - "Excitable Boy"

Found Song of the Week: The Dutchess & The Duke - "Back to Me"
Kris Kristofferson - "Blame It on the Stones"
The Rolling Stones - "Time Waits for No One"
Dennis Wilson - "Wild Situation"
Van Duren - "Chemical Fire"

Missus Beastly - "Decision"

The Blues Cellar:
Otis Spann - "I'm a Dues Payin' Man"
Junior Wells - "Snatch It Back and Hold It"
Mathew "Hogman" Maxley - "Stagolee"
Arbee Stidham - "Let Me Love You"
Muddy Waters - "'Unk' in Funk"

The Fireman - "Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight"
The Monks - "There She Walks"
Los Saicos - "Come On"
Giles, Giles, & Fripp - "She Is Loaded"
The Zombies - "Care of Cell 44"

The Kinks - "Schooldays"
Don Nix - "Amos Burke"
Tony Joe White - "Don't Steal My Love"
Mott the Hoople - "Original Mixed-Up Kid"
Goose Creek Symphony - "The Gospel"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

* Thanks to a listener for pointing out that this Easy Chair is not the Pacific Northwest band Easy Chair. Nor is it the other Pacific Northwest band Easy Chair. This Easy Chair, in fact, a band from Wisconsin who are still together and still making music. Kudos to Easy Chair for making onto a show about 60's and 70's rock. I can't imagine how I got confused?!?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

R.I.P. Marie Knight

August 31, 2009

1940s Gospel Legend Marie Knight Dies in NYC at 84

NEW YORK (AP) -- Gospel legend Marie Knight has died in New York City at age 84. She came to prominence while touring with Sister Rosetta Tharpe in the 1940s and singing hits such as ''Beams of Heaven.''

Her manager, Mark Carpentieri, says she died Sunday at a Harlem nursing home of complications from pneumonia.

Knight was raised in Newark, N.J. She began touring the national gospel circuit with evangelist Frances Robinson.

In 1946, she partnered with Tharpe. The two became the most popular gospel artists of the 1940s with hits including ''Didn't it Rain'' and ''Up Above My Head.'' They toured throughout the 1950s.

Knight began a comeback in 2002, working on a tribute to Tharpe. In 2007, her manager's M.C. Records company released ''Let Us Get Together,'' her first full-length album in more than 25 years.


You say you don't know her music? Take a listen: