Monday, August 17, 2009

Late Riser's Club. A fill-in on 8/13/09

T.S.O.L. – “All Along the Watchtower”
The Hellacopters – “Murder on My Mind”
Nazz – “She's Goin' Down”
Les Aus – “Caminant Traves La Llum”
Kid Romance – “I Use Electricity”
David Bowie - “Queen Bitch”
Pajama Slave Dancers – “(Thank God for) College Radio”
Kenne Highland Klan – “She's My Best Bette”
Piebald – “American Heart”
Jook – “Watch Your Step”
Blank Dogs – “Calling Over”
The Greatest Hits – “Broadway Bounce”
Life Giving Waters – “Fold”
Lucero – “The Devil & Maggie Chascarillo”
The Only Ones – “Oh Lucinda”
The Cigarettes – “They're Back Again”
The Zeros – “Don't Push Me Around”
Chico Magnetic Band – “Explosion”
The Leftovers – “Party Til We Die”
Los Explosivos – “Miedo”
Fastway – “Say What You Will”
Dinosaur, Jr. – “Over It”
Lucero – “Sixes and Sevens”
The Vibrators – “Into the Future”
Complications – “Money in My Back”
Jonathan Richman – “Roadrunner”
The Felice Brothers – “Frankie's Gun!”
The Wynotts - “Nobody's Looking”
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – “I Got Your Number”
The Sex Execs – “Tami-itis”
The Del Fuegos – “Don't Run Wild”