Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A little something to read?

Howdy, all. I just got back from Miami and did I find the coolest book to look at on the plane. Actually, I found two-one in Miami and one yesterday at the Harvard Book Store. Since I am not really allowed to make recommendation on the air I thought I'd hip you to them here.

The first is titled Classic Tracks Back to Back: Singles and Albums. It is an oversize book with the back story to virtually ever cool song from 1955 through 2007. There are lots of pictures as well as some new info about music you swear you already knew everything about. It is endless fun...

The second book I discovered is much more of a straight history of the Lost & Found time but also chock full of amazing new stories, anecdotes, and interviews with all the important people making music in the 60's. It is called There's a Riot Going On: Revolutionaries, Rock Stars, and the Rise and Fall of the 60's by Peter Doggett. Again, I am sure most listeners think they have a great handle on the music of the 60's (and a lot of you do) but this book-checking in at 608-pages will tell you some things about the culture that I am sure you didn't know. Just the writing about Sly Stone is worth the cost of the book. Doggett makes an effective case for Sly as one of the 5 most important soul music figures of the 60's. I, for one, never had him in that group but after reading the book, I now do.

That's all I got for now. See you on Thursday at noon.