Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The elusive 30th Record of the Year found!!!

Good morning. It is now the Saturday before Christmas and I have finally found the 30th Record of the Year (just in time for those last minute gifts). Say friends, do you have a person in your family who is a huge fan of The Band but, since 3/5 of the original group are gone, it is unlikely that they will record anything new? Well, have no fear! I have the solution to your problems: The Moondoggies. Yes, it is a stupid name but they are serious rock and rollers who have taken the sound of The Band made it their own on their debut record Don't Be a Stranger on Hardly Art Records. Go to their Myspace page and see if you can resist the tune "Changing." I am betting dollars to donuts that you can't. Have a good holiday.