Monday, March 31, 2008


Hi all,

On April 19th, 2008, America will celebrate Record Store Day. Unfortunately, I will be away when it happens but it does seem like a cool function.

You should


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lost & Found playlist for 3/27/08

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Background music for the show: Tony Allen - Afro Disco Beat

Stevie Wonder - "Happy Birthday"
Dyke & the Blazers - "Funky Bull (Parts 1 & 2)"
Frank Wilson - "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)"
Gladys Knight & the Pips - "The End of the Road"
Aretha Franklin - "A Change Is Gonna Come"

Edwin Starr - "Stop the War Now"
Lee Moses - "My Adorable One"
Ollie & the Nightingales - "You're Leaving Me"
Bobby Womack - "Do It Right"
Sugar Billy - "Super Duper Love"

Darrell Banks - "The Love of My Woman"
David Ruffin - "Your Heartaches I Can Surely Feel"
The Showstoppers - "Do You Need My Love"
The Isley Brothers - "Your Old Lady"
Ernie K. Doe - "Here Come the Girls"

Sly & the Family Stone - "Life"
Joe Simon - "Put Your Trust in Me (Depend On Me)"
Eli "Paperboy" Reed - "It's Easier"
Otis Redding - "Groovin' Time"
Curtis Mayfield - "If I Were Only a Child Again"

Jackie Wilson (w/ Count Basie) - "For Your Precious Love"
Freda Payne - "Unhooked Generation"
The Millionaires - "And the Rains Came"
Whatnauts - "I Dig Your Act"
Solomon Burke - "Stupidity"

Art Jerry Miller - "Finger Lickin' Good"
Willie & the Mighty Magnificents - "Check It Baby"
Gene Chandler - "There Was a Time"
Charles Beverly - "Grass Ain't Greener"
Little Esther Phillips - "Some Things You Never Get Used To"

David T. Walker - "Press On"
Jimmy Dotson - "I Wanna Be Good To You"
The Newcomers - "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lost & Found playlist for 3/13/08

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Background music for the show: Chris Joss - Teraphonic Overdubs

Donald Height - "I Choose You"
The O'Jays - "Shiftless, Jealous, Shady Kind of People"
The Mighty Hannibal - "Get In the Groove"
The Five Stairsteps - "Don't Waste Your Time"
L.V. Johnson - "Don't Mess With My Money, My Honey, or My Woman"

Jerry Butler - "Aware of Your Love"
Aaron Neville - "Wrong Number (I Am Sorry, Goodbye)"
Willie West - "I Sleep With the Blues"
Robin Rice - "I've Had It"
Aretha Franklin - "It Was You"

Nina Simone - "Do I Move You?"
Otis Redding - "Any Ole Way"
James Brown - "There Was a Time"
The Dynamics - "Ice Cream Song"
The Heavy - "Coleen"

The Intruders - "Together"
El Anthony - "We've Been in Love Too Long"
Soul Brothers Six - "You Gotta Come a Little Closer"
The Turner Brothers - "Let's Go Fishing"
Ripple - "A Funky Song"

Sam Taylor - "Heaven On Their Minds"
Major Lance - "Girl, Come On Home"
Cyril Neville - "Tell Me What's On Your Mind"
Jimmy Hughes - "Why Not Tonight"
Donny Hathaway & June Conquest - "I Thank You"

Timmy Thomas - "Rainbow Power"
King Earnest - "You Gonna Miss Me"
John Ellison - "Lost the Will to Live"
The Impressions - "Seven Years"
The Stovall Singers - "Sweeping Through the Streets"

Fred Hughes - "Baby Boy"
Bobby Sheen - "May Not Be What You Want"
Cicero Blake - "A Woman Needs to Be Loved"
Donald Lee Richardson - "I've Learned My Lesson"
Arthur Alexander - "Burning Love"
The Du-Droppers - "Dead Broke"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lost & Found playlist for 3/6/08

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Background music for the show: Tommy Guerrero - Return of the Bastard

Al Valdez - "Guajira"
Eddie Palmieri - "African Twist"
Cliff Nobles & Co. - "The Horse"
Reggie Milner - "Soul Machine"
Incredible Bongo Band - "Let There Be Drums"
Willie Gauff & the Love Brothers - "Whenever I Can't Sleep"

Tyrone Davis - "Can I Change My Mind"
Universal Mind - "A Chance at Love Again"
Jimmy Castor - "Poor Loser"
Jay Mitchell & the Mitchellites - "I Am the Man For You Baby"
Pete Cooke - "I Won't Cry"

Lee Moses - "Hey Joe"
Black Velvet w/ Ram John Holder - "Goodwill to All Mankind"
The Coasters - "Let's Go Get Stoned"
John Fitch & Associates - "Stoned Out of It"
George Benson - "Smokin' Cheeba-Cheeba"

Wilson Pickett - "I Found a True Love"
Darrell Banks - "Here Come the Tears"
O.V. Wright - "Without You"
Arthur Conley - "Run On"
Percy Sledge - "True Love Travels on a Gravel Road"

Herbie Hancock - "Chameleon"
The Heavy - "That Kind of Man"
Lucille Brown - "Lonely Inside"
Mark III - "Should I Believe In You"
Shep & the Limelights - "Everything Is Going to Be Alright"

Joe Tex - "I Should Have Kissed Her More"
J.J. Jackson - "Oo-Ma-Liddi"
Lee Moses - "Bad Girl (part 2)"
Calvin Grayson - "You've Got To Be Willing"
Allen Orange - "True Love Never Dies"

Earl Connelly - "Just To Hold My Hand"
The Precision - "You're The Best (That Ever Did It)"
Nat Phillips - "I'm Sorry I Hurt You"
Jackie Stoudemire - "Don't Stop Dancin'"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers