Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lost & Found playlist for 2/28/08

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Background music for the show: Jonny Greenwood - There Will Be Blood Sountrack

The G-Clefs - "Cause You're Mine"
100 Proof (Aged in Soul) - "Since You've Been Gone"
Patti & the Emblems - "Its the Little Things"
Percy Sledge - "I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You"
Barbara Acklin - "After You"

The Ides of March - "Vehicle"
Brother Soul - "Do It Again"
Lee 'Shot' Williams - "You're Welcome to the Club"
Carolyn Crawford - "Forget About Me"
Dyke & the Blazers - "Uhh"

Buddy Miles - "Your Feeling Is Mine"
The Internationals - "Dry Bones in the Valley"
Ted Walters - "Should I Take a Chance?"
Universal Mind - "I Bet You"
Billy Butler - "Fighting A Losing Battle"

James & Bobby Purify - "So Many Reasons"
Syl Johnson - "I Resign From Your Love"
Fontella Bass - "It's Hard To Get Back In"
Chuck Willis - "From the Bottom Of My Heart"
Prince La La - "She Put the Hurt On Me"

B.B. Seaton- "Baby I Know"
Stevie Wonder - "Pastime Paradise"
Aaron Neville - "Over You"
Donnie Elbert - "Leona"
Andre Williams & the Lancers - "Jivin' Around"

Sam & Dave - "You Got Me Hummin'"
Joe Simon - "In My Baby's Arms"
Charlie Hodges - "Bless Your Heart"
Jesse Anderson - ""You Better Think Twice"
Clarence Jackson - "If It Don't Fit Don't Force It"

The Showmen - "39-21-46"
Bobby Angelle - "I Wanna Go Back Home"
Percy Sledge - "That's They Way I Want To Live My Life"
Luther & Little Eva - "Love Is Strange"
Chevrone Scott - "I'm Movin' On"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lost & Found playlist for 2/21/08

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Background music for the show: The Paul Bley Trio - Closer

Otis Redding - "Hard to Handle"

Etta James & the Peaches - "The Wallflower (Roll With Me Henry)"
Danny White - "Hold What You Got"
Al Williams - "Band New Love"
Kenny Carlton - "Lost and Found"

Ray Charles - "Come Rain Or Come Shine"
John Fitch & Associates - "Romantic Attitude"
The Equations - "You Make Me Feel Good"
Bill Brandon - "When You Get What You Want"
Bobby 'Blue' Bland - "36-22-36"

Jimmy Beck & His Orchestra - "Pipe Dreams"
Eddie Floyd - "Laurie"
The Ikettes - "Don't Feel Sorry For Me"
Thomas Bailey & the Flintstone Band - "I Need You (Most Of All)"
The Kelly Brothers - "You're That Great Big Feelin'"

Tyrone Davis - "We Got a Love"
Laura Lee - "Crumbs Off the Table"
Ella Washington - "I Don't Care About Your Past"
Root & Jenny Jackson - "Lean On Me"
Baby Ray - "Just Because"

Fontella Bass - "I Need To Be Loved"
Charlie Whitehead - "Between the Lines"
Swamp Dogg - "Complication No.5"
Black Sugar - "Funky Man"
Allen Toussaint - "Soul Sister"

Huey 'Piano' Smith & the Clowns - "Don't You Just Know It"
Black Velvet - "Peace & Love Is the Message"
Clifford Binns - "You've Got To Help Me"
Alvin Robinson - "Baby Don't You Do It"
Prince Harold - "Ain't It Amazing"

Wilson Pickett - "I've Come A Long Way"
Eldridge Devlin - "A Little Love"
LaVern Baker & Jimmy Ricks - "You're the Boss"
Stacy Lane - "Gonna Need Somebody"
Sam Cooke - "I'll Come Running Back To You"
James Carr - "I Want To Know"
Percy Sledge - "Behind Closed Doors"

Outro: "Beautiful Baby" - The Clangers

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lost & Found playlist for 2/14/08

Hell's Valentine's Day!

: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Background music for the show: Glenn Gould - Bach: The French Suites

Root & Jenny Jackson - "So Far Away"
Lil' Bob - "My Heart's On Fire"
The Essex - "Are You Going My Way"
Arthur Conley - "Love Got Me"
Reggie Milner - "And I Love Her"
Lee Moses - "Adorable One"
Timmy Thomas - "Why Can't We Live Together"
The Larks - "Lost My Love Yesterday"
Helene Smith - "What's In the Lovin'"
Prince Ella & Sidney Jones - "Baby Sugar I Love You"
Freddie Waters - "I Love You, I Love You, I Love You"
Bobby Newsome - "Post Office"
El Anthony - "We've Been In Love Too Long"
The Millionaires - "And the Rains Came"
The Olympics - "The Same Old Thing"
Patti Labelle & the Blue Bells - "Decatur Street:
Big Maybelle - "Candy"
Black Velvet - "African Velvet"
Byron Lee & the Dragonaires - "Express Yourself"
Lat-Teens - "Mary Wanna"
Arthur Freeman - "Played Out Play Girl"
David Porter - "I Don't Know Why I Love You"
Steve Mancha - "A Love Like Yours"
Jackie Lee - "The Duck"
The Johnny Otis Show - "Willie Did the Cha Cha"
The Four Tees - "I Could Never Love Another"
"Q" - "That's the Way"
Tony Morgan & the Mussel Power Band - "Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys"
Dyke & the Blazers - "Let a Woman Be a Woman, Let a Man Be a Man"
Charles Bradley & the Bullets - "Now That I'm Gone (Look How You're Crying)"
Black Velvet - "Whatcha' Gonna Do About It"
Nathaniel Mayer - "(I Want) Love and Affection (Not the House of Correction)"
Inez & Charlie Foxx - "Tightrope"
The Rockmasters - "Raining Teardrops"
The Stridells - "Mix It Up"
The Sheppards - "How Do You Like It"
Grace Jones - "Nipple To the Bottle"

Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake

Monday, February 11, 2008

And the Grammy winner for "Best New Artist", Amy Winehouse?

Now I enjoyed her second record just fine. However, if you ask me, the musicians are what made the record solid not really her singing. (Of course this isn't even the best record this band played on this year.) In any case, what really makes me sad about the whole affair is that the story of Amy Winehouse getting the Grammy is as old as the story of White expropriation of African American culture for their own ends. Ms. Winehouse's performance is given raves while Sharon Jones (who's band she lent Ms. Winehouse) gets nary a nod or mention. I realize that there is a major label/independent label thing goin' on too, but, geez'm crow! Would it ever kill the awards people (in all categories of culture) to dig a little deeper? Search a little farther? Listen a wee bit more inclusively? Maybe I am just jaded (or have a cleft asshole) but Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings performance of "100 Days, 100 Nights" was vastly superior to Amy Winehouse's "Rehab." (The sentiments of which, I can now snottily add, turn out not even to be true--just sayin'.)

Well, for this DJ's money, I would like to award the Grammy for Best New Artist to, in the words of Binky Griptite, "the funky and dynamic soul sister who is exciting dance floors across the nation," Ms. Sharon Jones.


...acceptance speech...

Fade to black...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lost & Found playlist for 2/7/08

Intro: "Spreadin' Honey" - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Background music for the show: The Poets of Rhythm - Practice What You Preach

Shirley Ellis - "Soul Time"
The Showstoppers - "Do You Need My Love?"
Bobby Patterson - "T.C.B. or T.Y.A"
The Clangers - "Dance of the Clangers"
The Righteous Brothers - "Nite Owl"
Don Covay - "Come See About Me"
Lee Moses - "She's a Bad Girl"
Gail Anderson - "Be Proud (You're in Love)"
The Symphonics - "Guilty"
Henry Strogin - "Love Insurance"
Eli 'Paperboy' Reed & the True Loves - "Am I Wasting My Time"
Johnny Wyatt - "I Wouldn't Change a Thing About You"
Marvin Phillips & the Spinners - "That Righteous Feeling"
Bobbie Lee Timberlake - "You Hurt Me"
Irma Thomas - "Break-A-Way"
Little Richard Jarvis - "Heritage, Pt. 1"
Earl Gaines - "I Can't Face It"
The Ohio Untouchables - "Love Is Amazing"
Eddie Campbell - "Contagious Love"
Jackie Lee & Delores Hall - "Whether It's Right or Wrong"
Fontella Bass - "Hold On This Time"
Bettye LaVette - "We Got to Slip Around"
Bettye Swann - "The Dance Is Over"
Jackie Wilson - "The Fountain"
Charles Lamont & the Extremes - "I've Got to Keep Movin'"
Sugar Simone - "Turn On a Heatwave"
Chuck Ray - "I'll be There"
Yellow Sunshine - "Tell Me Who Can Say"
Percy Sledge - "Kind Woman"
The Stereos - "Please Come Back to Me"
Jimmy 'Bo' Horne - "I Can't Speak"
Gladys Knight & the Pips - "I Want Him to Say It Again"
Litte Henry & the Shamrocks - "The Ta Ta Song"
Joe Simon - "I See Your Face"

Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake