Friday, December 08, 2006

Lost & Found playlist for 12/7/06

Intro: "White Tornado" - R.E.M.

Robert Plant - "Burning Down One Side"
The Rolling Stones - "Stray Cat Blues"
Marbles - "Red Lights"
Steppenwolf - "None of Your Doing"
T. Rex - "The Motivator"
Lorrie & Larry Collins - "Whistle Bait"
Carl Perkins - "Pink Petal Pushers"
Rites - "Things"
The Rockin' Berries - "The Water is Over My Head"
The Sorrow - "Take a Heart"

FOUND!!!: The Raconteurs - "Level"

The Beatles - "You Know My Name (Look Up My Number)"
Paul McCartney - "Coming Up" (Live in Glasgow)
Nick Lowe - "So It Goes"
The Clash - Julie's in the Drug Squad"
The Savages - "She's Gone"
The Fabulous Plaids - "I'm Coming Home to You"

The Blues Cellar:

Jimmy Reed - "If You Want It Done Right"
Dave Ray - "Cryin' Shame"
R.L. Burnside - "Alice Mae"
Freddie King - "Yonder Wall"
The Rolling Stones - "Back of My Hand"

The Pretty Things - "Private Sorrow"
Todd Rundgren - "Be Nice to Me"
Freddie North - "Don't Take Her She's All I've Got"

Artist Focus: Roky Erickson

The Spades - "We Sell Soul"
The 13th Floor Elevators - "You're Gonna Miss Me"
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - "I Think Up Demons"
Roky Erickson - "Save Me"
Roky Erickson - "Starry Eyes"

The Starfires - "I Never Loved Her"
John Lennon - "Watching the Wheels" (Anthology version)

Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake