Friday, December 08, 2006

Lost & Found playlist for 11/30/06

Intro: "The Big House"

Linda Laine - "Low Grades & High Fevers"
Wanda Jackson - "Let's Have a Party"
The Kentuckys - "Stupid Generation"
Wesley Hardin - "Anyway"
Etta James - "Dance with Me, Henry"
Gavin Hamilton - "It Won't Be the Same"
The Knaves - "Leave Me Alone"
The Rising Storm - "I'm Coming Home"
Guy Darrell - "Evil Woman"
The Blue Rhythms - "So-La-La"

FOUND!!!: Catfish Haven - "Crazy for Leaving"

Alvin Toussaint - "When the Party's Over"
The Rolling Stones - "Down the Road a Piece"
The Deviants - "Charlie"
Gram Parsons - "Love Hurts"
Luther Ingram - "Oh Baby, You Can Depend on Me"
Lloyd Price - "Oooh-Oooh-Oooh"

The Blues Cellar:

Robert Johnson - "Phonograph Blues"
Ted Taylor - "It Hurts to Be in Love"
Derek & the Dominos - "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out"
Blind Willie McTell - "Lay Some Flowers on My Grave"
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - "Last Night"

Denny Doherty - "Simone"
Crosby, Stills, & Nash - "You Don't Have to Cry"
Godz - "Travelin Salesman"
Joe Walsh - "Home"
The Byrds - "Goin' Back"

Artist Focus: Robert Palmer

The Alan Bown Set - "My Girl the Month of May"
Vinegar Joe - "Rusty Red Armour"
Robert Palmer - "Pressure Drop"
Robert Palmer - "What Do You Care?"

Bob Dylan - "Jokerman"

Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake