Thursday, October 26, 2006

R.I.P. Sandy West

Rest easy in the knowledge that God loves rock and roll chicks.


Lost & Found playlist for 10/26/06

Intro: "The Big House"

Johnny Carlton - "She's a Moonlighter"
The Volk - "The Walk"
Paul Ott - "Kitty Kat"
Lonnie Allen - "You'll Never Change Me"
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - "You're Drivin' Me Insane"
Buck Rogers Movement - "Baby Come On"
The Tempos - "Two Timer"
The Syndicate - "The Egyptian Thing"
Shadows of Knight - "I'll Make You Sorry"
The Standells - "Rari"

FOUND!!!: The Forty-Fives - "Go Ahead & Shout"

Shoes - "Boys Don't Lie"
Dwight Twilley Band - "Looking for the Magic"
Terry Reid - "Superlungs Supergirl"
Alex Chilton - "Happy Song"
The Byrds - "I Wanna Grow Up to Be a Politician"
The Rolling Stones - "Sister Morphine"
Gene Vincent - "Listen to the Music"

The Blues Cellar:
Sonny Boy Williamson - "I've Been Dealin' with the Devil"
Jackie Brenston - "Rocket 88"
Magic Sam - "21 Days in Jail"
Blind Mamie Forehand - "Honey in the Rock"
Fleetwood Mac - "My Heart Beat Like a Hammer"

Boz Scaggs - "Jump Street"
Dave Edmunds - "I Hear Ya Knockin'"
The Aerovons - "Say Georgia"
The Smoke - "My Friend Jack"
The Primitives - "Mr. Heartache"

Artist Focus: IKON Records

Shondells - "I Cried Last Night"
Knightsmen - "Daddy Was a Rolling Stone"
Mergers - "Love, You Funny Thing"
Denny & Kenny Duo - "Meet My Little Sweety in the Night Time"
Sons of Sound - "I'm Coming Home"

Mott the Hoople - "Born Late '58"

Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lost & Found playlist for 10/19/06

Intro: "The Big House"

Brian Diamond & the Cutters - "Shake, Shout, & Go"
Johnny Bell - "Flip, Flop, & Fly"
Sonny Burgess - "Ain't Got a Thing"
The Joe Cuba Sextet - "Psychedelic Baby"
Ebonettes - "Wild Man Walk"
Ronnie Self - "Bop-a-Lena"
The Electras - "Dirty Old Man"
The Pandamonium - "My Old Flame"
Stampeders - "Devil, You"
The Clash - "Capital Radio One"

FOUND!!!: The Dirtbombs - "Your Love Belongs Under a Rock"

Iron Virgin - "Rebels Rule"
Slade - "Gudbuy T'Jane"
Iggy Pop - "The Passenger"
Roky Erickson - "Starry Eyes"
The James Gang - "Funk #48"
Little Feat - "Fat Man in the Bathtub"
Derek & the Dominos - "I Looked Away"

The Blues Cellar:

Sam Cooke - "Trouble Blues"
The Yardbirds - "New York City Blues"
The Fabulous Thunderbirds - "Wait on Time"
The Rolling Stones - "Prodigal Son"
Robert Shaw - "Black Gal"

The New York Dolls - "Trash"
The Velvet Underground - "White Light/White Heat"
Television - "See No Evil"
Talking Heads - "Uh Oh, Love Comes to Town"
The Ramones - "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?"

Artist Focus: The Animals

The Animals - "A Girl Named Sandoz"

The Animals - "Cheating"
The Animals - "Take It Easy Baby"

The Animals website

Joe Simon - "Teenage Prayer"
Thurston Harris - "Little Bitty Pretty One"

Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost & Found playlist for 10/12/06

Intro: "The Big House"

The Creep - "Betty Lou's Gotta New Tattoo"
John Does - "One Kind Favor"
Hungarian Ensemble - "Rollin' Rollin'"
Dave Allan & the Arrows - "Born Loser's Theme"
Hasil Adkins - "High School Confidential"
The Rolling Stones - "Torn & Frayed"
Big Star - "Oh My Soul"
The Runaways - "I Love Playin' with Fire"
The Vibrators - "Sweet Sweet Heart"
The Accents - "Why"

FOUND!!!: Chris Isaak - "Somebody's Cryin'"

Booker T. & the M.G.s - "Wade in the Water"
The Soul Stirrers - "Just Another Day"
Voices of Conquest - "Oh Yes, My Lord"
The Drifters - "Baltimore"
The Flippers - "Don't Mind Matters"
The Collegians - "Let's Go for a Ride"
The Prodigal - "You Got Me"

The Blues Cellar:

CeDell Davis - "If You Like Fat Women"
Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown - "My Own Prison"
Cootie Stark - "Send You Back to Georgia"
The Black Keys - "The Length"
Snooks Eaglin - "Come Back, Baby"

The Head Stones - "Bad Day Blues"
Eddie Fontaine - "Cool It Baby"
The High Spirits - "I Believe"
The Executioners - "I Want the Rain"
Paul Beaver & the Hearsemen - "I've Been Thinking"

Artist Focus: Todd Rundgren

Woody's Truck Stop - "Why Is It Me?"
Nazz - "Forget All About It"
Todd Rundgren - "Who's That Man?"
Todd Rundgren - "Heavy Metal Kids"
Utopia - "One World"

Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lost & Found playlist for 10/5/06

Intro: "The Big House"

Chuck Berry - "Too Much Monkey Business"
The Nighthawks - "When Sin Stops"
Gene Norman & the Rocking Rockets - "Snaggletooth Ann"
The Cadets - "Don't Be Angry"
Johnny Powers - "Long Blonde Hair, Red Rose Lips"
Ian & the Zodiacs - "No Money No Honey"
Michael Leslie - "Make Up or Break Up"
Tammy St. John - "Boys"
The Corsairs - "Pay It Back with Interest"
The Hi-Fis - "I Keep Forgettin'"
The Beatles - "Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand"

FOUND!!!: Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - "Genuine"

Aretha Franklin - "One Way Ticket"
Robert Palmer - "How Much Fun"
Lat-Teens - "Mary Wanna"
Marvin & Johnny - "Cherry Pie"
George Jones - "Who Shot Sam"
Bobby Martin - "Dood It"
Billy Eldridge - "Let's Go Baby"

The Blues Cellar:

North Mississippi All Stars - "My Babe"
Junior Kimbrough - "I'm In Love"
Otis Rush - "So Many Roads, So Many Trains"
Roy Milton - "R. M. Blues"

Carl Perkins - "Put Your Cat Clothes On"
Johnny Carroll - "Wild Wild Woman"
Jimmy Apostle - "I Love Ya, Honey"
Larry Terry - "Hep Cat"

Artist Focus: Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - "Baby, Let's Play House"
Elvis Presley - "(It's A) Long Lonely Highway"
Elvis Presley - "Thinking About You"
Roy Orbison - "Trying to Get to You"

The weirdest Elvis Presley website ever.

Bob Dylan - "She Belongs to Me"
Patti Smith - "Redondo Beach"
The Velvet Underground - "Sister Ray"

See you next week...