Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Summer of Soul [Pt. 9] on 7/27/06

Intro: "The Dap Walk" - Ernie & the Top Notes
Sharon Jones - "Damn, It's Hot (Pt.1)"
The Drapels - "Wonderin'"
Dee Dee Sharp - "My Best Friend's Man"
Edward Hamilton - "I'm Gonna Love You"
James Carr - "Hold On"
Joe Bataan - "Ordinary Guy"
The Five Stairsteps - "Don't Change Your Love"
Johnny Barfield & the Men of S.O.U.L. - "Soul Butter"
Dick Holler & the Holidays - "Double Shot"
Kashmere Stage Band - "Super Bad"
James Brown - "Please Please Please"
Darrell Banks - "The Love of My Woman"
Jackie Moore - "It Ain't Who You Know"
The Masqueraders - "How"
Bobby 'Blue' Bland - "I Wouldn't Treat a Dog"
Don Covay - "What's In the Headlines"
Johnny Adams - "I Don't Worry Myself"
Jimmy Jones - "Live & Let Live"
Sam Cooke - "Bring It On Home to Me"
Carla Thomas - "I'll Bring It On Home to You"
Major Lance - "The Matador"
Robert Parker - "The Hiccup"
Billy Butler & the Enchanters - "Boston Monkey"
Rufus Thomas - "Can Your Monkey Do the Dog?"
Don Hart & James Shorter - "All the Love I've Got"
Lou Beatty - "A Wet Pillow"
'Big' Al Downing - "Cornbread Row"
Second Nature - "Who's That Guy"
Bettye Swann - "I Ain't That Easy to Lose"
Kashmere Stage Band - "Al's Tune"
Black Merda - "Reality"
Nelson Sanders - "Tired of Being Your Fool"
Jo Jo Benson - "Having My Glory"
Al Williams - "She Does It"
Arthur Conley - "Rome (Wasn't Built In a Day)"
The LPT's - "Long Cool Summer"
Gloria Taylor - "Grounded Pt.1"
The Sweet Inspirations - "Ain't Nothing Gonna Change Me"
O.V. Wright - "I Don't Do Windows"
Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Summer of Soul [Pt. 8] on 7/20/06

Intro: "The Dap Walk" - Eddie & the Top Notes
The Chips - "You Make Me Feel So Good"
George Perkins - "No Need For a Black Man to Cry"
The Five Royals - "Tears of Joy"
Gladys Knight & the Pips - "Giving Up"
Don Covay - "Seesaw"
Shirley Ellis - "Soul Time"
Sam Dees - "Lonely For You Babe"
Joe Simon - "(You Keep Me) Hangin' On"
Bobby 'Blue' Bland - "Rockin the Same Old Boat"
Laura Lee - "Dirty Man"
Demon Fuzz - "I Put a Spell On You"
Sharon Jones - "I Got the Feeling"
Rosalind Madison - "Fancy"
Freddie North - "She's All I Got"
The Fantastic Johnny C - "Waitin' For the Rain"
James Brown - "Lost Someone"
The Five Royals - "Think"
J.R. Walker & the All Stars - "Hot Cha"
Earl Gaines - "Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness"
Howard Tate - "Ain't Nobody Home"
Sam Cooke - "Fool's Paradise"
George Jackson - "My Desires Are Getting the Better of Me"
Betty Harris - "There's a Break in the Road"
Toussaint McCall - "Nothing Takes the Place of You"
Barbara Acklin - "Love Makes a Woman"
Roscoe Shelton - "Strain on My Heart"
Jon Lucien - "What a Difference Love Makes"
O.V. Wright - "I Don't Know Why"
Johnny Soul - "Lonely Man"
Al Greene & the Soul Mates - "Back Up Train"
Jackie Ross - "Selfish One"
Johnny Bragg - "I'm Free"
Obrey Wilson - "If You Were There"
Reuben Bell - "Action Speaks Louder Than Words"
Solomon Burke - "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love"
Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Summer of Soul [Pt. 7] on 7/13/06

Intro: "The Dap Walk" - Eddie & the Top Notes
Howard Tate - "Get It While You Can"
Bobby Patterson - "I'm a Slave To You"
Ben E. Troy - "I Miss You"
Billy Stewart - "Fat Boy"
Baby Washington - "How Lonely"
Donny Hathaway - "Jealous Guy"
The Knight Brothers - "Margaret"
Fontella Bass - "Now That I've Found a Good Thing"
Steve Mancha - "Don't Make Me a Storyteller"
Robert Jay - "Alcohol (Part 1)"
Sharon Jones - "You Better Think Twice"
The Soul Stirrers - "Jesus Be a Fence Around Me"
Ben Aiken - "God Bless My Girl"
Johnny Adams - "One Day"
Bobby Marchan - "What Can I Do"
Aretha Franklin - "That's All I Want From You"
Walter Foster - "Your Search Is Over"
Inez & Charlie Foxx - "Here We Go Round-The Mulberry Bush"
The Sims Twins - "I've Got To Win Your Love"
Billy Harner - "A Message To My Baby"
Alton Ellis - "My Willow Tree"
Wayne McGhie & the Sounds of Joy - "Cool It"
Ted Taylor - "Be Ever Wonderful"
Delia Gartrell - "Fight Fire With Fire"
Solomon Burke - "What Am I Living For?"
Danny Monday - "Good Taste of Love"
Big Dee Irwin (w/ Little Eva) - "Another Night With The Boys"
Dobie Gray - "Look At Me"
The Swingin' Tomatoes - "Get It"
Lee Dorsey - "Yes We Can"
Bob & Earl - "Send For Me, I'll Be There"
The Five Keys - "Close Your Eyes"
The Invincibles - "Can't Win"
Benny Latimore - "I'm Just An Ordinary Man"
The Originals - "Keep Me"
Aaron Neville - "Why Worry"
Lee Martell - "A Good Woman"
Duke & Leonard - "Just Do The Best You Can"
O.V. Wright - "I Was Born All Over"
Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bettye LaVette Wins a "Major Award"

From the Associated Press:

July 3rd, 2006

NEW YORK - Before Aretha Franklin was crowned the Queen of Soul, before the Supremes had their first hit and before anyone even knew who Stevie Wonder was, Bettye LaVette was the emerging star of Detroit.

The husky-voiced soul singer had a top R&B hit with the song "My Man — He's a Lovin' Man" in 1962 with Atlantic Records, and her initial success seemed to forecast a future as bright as the rest of her contemporaries.

But while many superstar legends came out of Detroit, LaVette wasn't one of them. Instead, she spent the next 40 years struggling to pay her bills, playing tiny clubs and falling deeper into depression as she tried to recapture the fleeting fame of her youth.

"The whole time was bad, period," LaVette told The Associated Press by phone on Tuesday. "It was humiliating — it took a lot of propping up by a core group of people."

On Thursday night, however, LaVette will show how far she's come from those bad times as she is honored as an R&B legend at the Rhythm & Blues Foundation's Pioneer Awards in Philadelphia, along with producer Thom Bell, Chubby Checker, singer Barbara Mason and the Delfonics.

Also, one of the most important figures in pop-music history, Motown founder Berry Gordy, will be on hand, honored with a lifetime achievement award. "There's got to be some feeling of evenness," says LaVette, who's enjoying a resurgence thanks to her critically acclaimed album, "I've Got my Own Hell to Raise," released last fall.

"Most of these people I've seen either broke or naked or drunk or all three," she jokes. "And for them to have gone on and to excel so much higher than I did, there's certainly going to be a great, great sense of satisfaction of being recognized on any level with the same people I left high school with."

LaVette insists she's not bitter: "Bitter is a thing that I would have had to sustain," she explains. But it's a fine point. During an interview, despite frequent laughter, it's clear LaVette is still simmering over four decades of frustration.

She still feels slighted that none of her former acquaintances helped her out during her bad times, called her to perform with them or even returned her phone calls when they got big. LaVette's life has not been only one of lowlights — she did Broadway at one point, had a successful record here and there — but for the most part, LaVette recalls having to rely on the support of others as she continued to pursue her dream.

Just four years ago, she was playing clubs for $100 a night. "I was being considered, by the older people who were making $20 and $30 a night, the star of the club," she says. Things began to turn around once she found an agency that took her on and raised her profile.

Soon, she was being hired for more money and at better venues. And last year, the record label Anti- paired her with noted producer Joe Henry, who had her interpret hits from female singers ranging from Aimee Mann and Dolly Parton to Roseanne Cash and Sinead O'Connor. "My thought was not about bringing her back to prominence," Henry said. "What I wanted to do was make a record that was as tough as she is. ... I knew that she was a survivor, and that she had survived as an artist without a lot of help, without the right kind of help."

The tide has certainly turned in LaVette's favor. She's gotten international media attention and gigs, and earlier this year was a featured performer at the Jammy Awards in New York, where groups like Blues Traveler were fawning over her.

Still, she still smarts that some of her peers are able to perform in stadiums — when they want — while she still sweats night after night in a club. "I'm making more money, but I'm 60 years old," she said. "The tragedy of it for me is that I still have to work for it ... I have to go on and do the same show that I did when I was 20. And that's what I'm trying to do."

The Rhythm & Blues Foundation's Pioneer Awards, where LaVette will be honored, are returning after a three-year hiatus because of money woes. LaVette, as a pioneer, will receive a cash award of $10,000 (groups receive $15,000, and honorees like Gordy don't receive a cash reward). "It should be a very interesting evening; I'm sure it will be a very emotional one for me," LaVette says. "I wanna look very stern and really mean, but will probably cry several times!"

The Summer of Soul [Pt. 6] on 7/6/06

Intro: "The Dap Walk" - Ernie & the Top Notes
The Grodeck Whipperjenny - "Sittin' Here on a Tongue"
The Poets of Rhythm - "More Mess on My Thing"
Larry Siebert - "You Said"
Patty Labelle & the Bluebells - "(1-2-3-4-5-6-7)Count the Days"
Janet & the Jays - "Without a Reason"
Sam Cooke - "Get Yourself Another Fool"
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - "All Over Again"
Barbara Jean English - "I'm Living a Lie"
O.V. Wright - "A Nickel & A Nail"
Ted Jarrett - "Love, Love, Love"
Chollo Rivera & the Latin Soul Drive - "Latin Soul Drive Is Here"
Lynn Varnado - "Staying at Home Like a Woman"
The Neptunes - "I'm Coming Home
Wendy Rene - "After Laughter Comes Tears"
Aretha Franklin - "My Way"
Chris Clark - "Whisper You Love Me Boy"
Frank Howard & the Commanders - "Just Like Him"
Clay Hammond - "My Jealous Girl"
Darrell Banks - "The Love of My Woman"
Jimmy Norman - "I'm Leavin'"
Erma Franklin - "Piece of My Heart"
Clyde McPhatter - "Next to Me"
Jerry Washington - "Right Here is Where You Belong"
Edd Henry - "Crooked Woman"
Marian James - "That's My Man"
Delroy Wilson - "Living in the Footsteps"
Kool Blues - "I'm Gonna Keep on Loving You"
Loleatta Holloway - "Casanova"
Z.Z. Hill - "Have Mercy Someone"
Groove Holmes & Brenda Jones - "This is the Me Me (Not the You You)"
Freddie North - "Ok, So What?"
Ernie K. Doe - "Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta"
Joe Perkins - "I'm Not Gonna Leave"
Joe Tex - "The Love You Save"
Brenda George - "What You See is What You Gonna Get"
Performers - "Mini Skirts"
Outro: "Yegelle Tetzeta" - Mulatu Astake